I believe the world be in such a better place if we all would use just a little bit of consideration. Do you know what consideration means???? Well its a careful thought, typically over a period of time. Do you know of a few places where you could be considerate?? I have a few places in mind, one being in traffic ! You know when traffic is back up, you left the house a little late, it may even be raining. Guess what?? There’s a traffic jam and you cant make it out of your neighborhood before you run into a line. Oh, you missed your turn huh? Do you need to get over? These are all rhetorical questions by the way you’re not required to answer. But ask yourself something, when was the last time you let someone over in traffic? Yea you may have been waiting in the line, yes you may have left the house on time and you feel as though no one should get in front of you because they aren’t deserving. Just remember, the circumstances can be against you and you need to get over, and you may need someone to let you over. This doesn’t only apply to traffic, how else can you be not only considerate, but kind? What kind of world would this world be with multiple duplicates of yourself??

You’re a Queen Sis

Disclaimer !!!!! In no way shape or form am i trying to be sexist, I’m just merely pointing out some facts. Sis, don’t let anyone take you for granted. You are a diamond something valuable. Something that cant be bought. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different. I know you may have experienced some things that put you on edge, but please believe me it gets better. Keep pushing Queen, keep your head up beautiful, and don’t let anyone throw you off guard you got this !!

First and Foremost

Totally His is a creative way to demonstrate the core characteristics of everyday people and situations that we run into. This is a christian based forum where we can dive into conversations of daily mental challenges that we face that often lead to other detrimental problems that may arise. Please don’t be alarmed, this a non judgmental environment. This is just a gateway where people can come and express how they feel when they feel as though no one is listening or understanding where they are coming from. Believe me we have all been there. This isn’t just for Christians either its for everyone of different backgrounds. Everyone should feel welcomed whether you agree or disagree, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So with that being said Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Don’t be shy everyday is a learning process, no one truly knows everything. Be blessed! 🙂